Choosing The Correct Car Seat

Choosing your baby’s first car seat


An essential and practical task new parents will have to complete while expecting is choosing the perfect car seat for their little one. It’s one of the most important choices they will make for their new born as it’s so important to safely get your little one from A to B. The car seat will be the first item they use when they leave the hospital. A lot of new families take a memorable photograph of the moment they leave with their new born in the car seat.

But with so many choices on the market, picking which car seat is right for your baby is a challenging task for new mum and dads. You may find it tough to make a decision on which one is right for their baby.

Therefore, here are some things to consider when choosing the right car seat so that you make a wise and well-researched choice for your baby.



One of the first things to consider is the car make and model. If your vehicle is an older model it may not have isofix points. The top thing to do is to first check out the suitability of a car seat. With all of our top ranges such as the Cybex Cloud Z, new parents can click through to the car manual and see whether the car seat is suitable for their car.


Age range

When you look at car seats for your baby, you will notice that a lot of them say a particular group. There are some car seats that are suitable for the first 12 months while other car seats will take you up to the age of four. There are also car seats such as the Maxi Cosi Titan which is a multi-age car seat which covers group 1-3 (approx. 9months – 12 years) which will take you up until the required height of 150cm or 36kg weight according to Irish law. It might be the case you will want to change the car seat after the first year, or you could plan for the future with a long-term car seat to cover your baby as they age.



It’s so important to think about your baby’s comfort when choosing the right car seat. As they will be in the car for short and longer journeys, it’s important to ensure they have maximum comfort. There are car seats designed with comfort in mind such as the Maxi Cosi Mica which comes with a recline option with the simple click of a button. Now that we can start travelling again with our family on possible longer journeys, you can be assured your baby will sleep comfortably in the recline position. Picking a car seat made from a high-quality material is so important for comfort reasons and will also ensure it is long-lasting. Ensure the straps are a good, comfortable material to keep the baby comfortable as well as safe during the journey.



Safety is paramount when it comes to car seats. It may be helpful to check out the ratings of the product you have chosen and look for any awards they may have received for their safety. Research websites such as to find out all the regulations on car seats so that you are in the know on the necessities for your baby. That way, you will be reassured that the seat you choose for your little one will keep them safe while in the vehicle. Picking something which has rear-facing capabilities for as long as possible is important for the safety of your baby. According to Consumer Reports, an infant is 75% less likely to be badly injured in a crash if they are in a rear-facing seat. As a new parent if you go for something like the Cybex Sirona S, the seat has an integrated L.S.P (Linear side – impact protection) system which reduces the force of side-impact by 25%. Lastly, do keep up to date with safety recalls just in case a problem does occur with the chosen seat.



If you ask any parent, they will tell you how convenience is important when it comes to the car seat. You want to get your baby from A to B smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, when choosing the perfect car seat, consider how easy it is to fit into the car. It’s important to make it as simple as possible to get to places on time. With this in mind, read up about how the car seat fits into the car. There are often videos that will guide parents through the process. After looking at this, you can then decide whether you need something easier for your own vehicle.  You might want to go for something like the Sirona Z which has a two-click installation to ensure you are soon on the move. Also, it’s worth opting for a lightweight car seat so that it’s easy to take the seat to and from the car. A lot of new parents suffer from back pain, so the lighter the car seat, the better it is for your physical health.



You should also consider functionality when choosing a car seat. A lot of the bestsellers have lots of features that make it an excellent choice for your baby. It’s worth looking into the functionality before deciding on a good car seat. Decide on what is important to you when looking for the perfect car seat. With 360 capabilities, you might want to go for the Maxi Cosi Pebble 360. The rotational system makes putting your baby in the car so much easier and convenient. Parents also like this due to the chance of strain on their back when manoeuvring their baby into the car seat. The Cybex Cloud Z also offers this function of 360 rotation with their car sear.



The brand of a car seat can be very important to some new parents. New parents want a reliable brand to ensure they have a great car seat that will provide their baby with a safe and comfortable drive. You can easily read up about the various brands to find out more about their history, products and awards. It’s also worth checking out reviews so that you know if the brand fits your criteria.



You may want to buy extras to make life easier with your baby. For instance, a lot of parents like to attach the car seat to the pushchair so that they can take their child into a shop or a friend’s home. A lot of the strollers come with a pushchair adapter so that you can easily do this to ensure your baby stays fast asleep or convenience for yourself. Rain covers are available for most car seats which keeps baby nice and dry if you are caught in an unexpected shower, which is highly likely in our climate.


Hopefully these pointers will help guide you and as always we are on hand to answer any of your questions. Call us today to speak to one of our nursery experts.

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