Bellamoon The Full Moon 7-in-1 Pregnancy & Nursing System

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The BellaMoon Full Moon 7-in-1 System is an award-winning, multi-functional Pregnancy and Breastfeeding pillow that will support you and your growing baby, from your first trimester of pregnancy right the way through your incredible breastfeeding journey until baby is 18 months of age.

The Full Moon provides 7 essential functions in 1 deluxe system, making it one of the most versatile baby products in the world.  Throughout pregnancy the XXL full body pillow supports pressure points in your neck, back and hips, whilst protecting your precious growing bump. 

When baby is born, the system transforms into an ultra-comfortable, protective cocoon that supports both you and baby as you breastfeed lying down. The Nursing Nest add on (included) features our patented Anti-Roll Fin and Anti-Roll Barrier offering you peace of mind as you relax together. 

This is the perfect pregnancy and nursing pillow for any mum-to-be, that will continue to grow with your baby providing luxurious comfort throughout and offering so many essential functions.

BellaMoon® is proud to bring you the complete, deluxe Full Moon Pregnancy & Nursing System offering 7 essential functions:

1. Pregnancy Pillow

2. Half Moon Nursing Nest

3. Breastfeeding Day Bed

4. Eclipse Nursing Cover

5. Tummy Time Pillow

6. Baby Lounger

7. Upright Feeding Pillow


What Is It Made From: 

Our removable covers are all made from 100% cotton with a yarn count of 6060-2020. The fillings are a breathable polyester fibre. All materials are OEKO-TEX certified, and comply with all required British Standards for Air Permeability, Flammability and Wash Tests.

Get More Rest Mama:

We all know that when we're achy and tired we can't enjoy things to the fullest.  At BellaMoon we strongly believe that every second of your pregnancy and motherhood journey should be enjoyed and cherished. The unique Full Moon System has been designed to provide you with ultimate comfort and relaxation from your first trimester right the way through your breastfeeding journey. Relieving aches and pains and allowing you to get some much needed rest and relaxation as you nurture and nourish your baby. 

Let the Love Flow:

BellaMoon was designed with LOVE at it's very core. A simple yet completely overwhelming rush of love is exactly why I built BellaMoon. When I had my first baby Bella, I found breastfeeding to be more than just a little exhausting but I was so determined to do whatever it took to continue giving her the liquid gold.


After researching potential solutions to my problem, I discovered the lateral breastfeeding position. When I tried it out, I can barely describe the feeling. Not only were my love-lade limbs suddenly lighter, but I had the most incredible rush of love. So much more so than when I nursed her sitting up. BellaMoon was designed to give every Mama this incredible rush of LOVE.

Latch & Position:

The Nursing Nest features a firm but comfortable mattress base which raises baby up closer to the breast while the side lying position naturally encourages a deep and comfortable latch. The side lying position is often recommended, as its calming and relaxing affect can increase the secretion of hormones that help with milk production. The Nursing Nest is especially useful for Mamas with an oversupply or a forceful let down, as gravity allows the milk to drip down and reduces a heavy flow. Our covers are completely removable and machine washable so no need to worry about leaks and spills.

Safety and Protection:

We've been there. You so desperately want to lie down to breastfeed but at the same time your nervous about baby rolling away or you encroaching on their space. Our Award-Winning Lateral Nursing Nest features an Anti-Roll Fin and Anti-Roll Barrier designed to give you ultimate peace of mind so you can relax during every feed.



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