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For the journey.  Every splash, every dream along the way 

“Our inspiration comes from being parents and experiencing all of those ‘first-time’ moments that new parents experience with baby.  Shnuggle was born with the purpose of designing beautiful products that make life easier for parents and safer for babies.” Sinead and Adam Murphy (Co-Founders) 

Our range of thoughtful bath time, sleep time and change time products are designed to make parenting easier from newborn and throughout the exciting journey of their first few yearsEnsuring your little one’s safety is at the heart of everything we design. All our products are rigorously tested to EU standards and we pride ourselves on our product’s high quality, all of which are designed in the UK by our specialist in-house R&D team.    


Bathtime and Changing 

Top of almost every newborn checklist is the award winning Shnuggle Baby Bath, designed to take the stress out of bathtime and create a fun bonding experience.  Uniquely designed to keep baby in a more upright, comfy position as well as features such as the bum bump to stop baby sliding in the water.  The Shnuggle Baby Bath gives new mums and dads the confidence they need for a happy, stress free baby bathtime.   

Due to the popularity of the baby bath and demand from parents whose baby had outgrown the baby bath, the Shnuggle Toddler Bath was launched.  The perfect follow-on bath for when baby outgrows their first bath.  Extending the fun of newborn bathtimes and offering them confidence and comfort as they grow.  Designed to fit in most shower trays and a wide range of baths, but with plenty of room to play in their own comfy space.  

Pebbly bath thermometer quickly and accurately lets you know when the water is just the right temperature for baby.  Gently shake to wake, drop into the water and let Pebbly do the rest.  The simple heart display will quickly and accurately let you know when baby’s bath is not too hot, not too cold… but just right. 

Complementing our baths and helping to make bathtime easy, is our range of bathtime accessoriesThe Washy Rinsing Jug designed with a soft rim is great for keeping water out of baby’s eyes and the Wishy bath toy with a soft light and texture to support newborn sensory development.  The folding bath stand is perfect for raising baby to waist height especially if you suffer from back pain or have had a c section birth. 

The Squishy Changing Mat is a popular choice for those that want to match comfort and practicality with style.  Made from a premium foam which is cosy against baby’s skin, Squishy also has a slight incline to help ease colic or reflux when changing just after feeding.  It fits on most change stations or cot top changers and is the perfect addition to any nursery. 



The Shnuggle Air Complete Sleep System is a two part sleep solution for baby - a Bedside Crib, allowing you and baby to sleep close without sharing the same bed, helping to grow your bond and giving baby the reassurances and comfort, they need from having you close by.   

 Once baby has outgrown the crib, simply transform the crib into a stylish cot with the Air Cot Conversion Kit, providing a safe and comfortable sleeping space right up until 2 years old. Providing baby with the same familiar and safe sleeping environment as the crib helps to ease their transition to cot which can sometimes be an unsettling time. 

The Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib has been designed with breathability at its core.  The dual-view, mesh sides help to maximise airflow as well as allowing you to keep a watchful eye on baby.  The hypo-allergenic fibre mattress is 50% more breathable than standard foam mattresses, helping to reduce the risk of baby overheating.  It also has a gentle incline option and a handy storage hammock for all those night-time feeding and changing essentials. 

The Air Cot has the same focus on breathability and comfort as the crib with its large dual-view mesh sides and uniquely designed Air-Flow mattress.  Its soft padded sides prevent little arms and legs from getting tangled in cot bars and has fabrics which are completely removable and washable. 

For a more flexible and mobile sleep space for baby, our range of moses baskets are still a very popular choice for new parents.  Some prefer the flexibility to be able to move baby around the home during the day while others opt in to both a crib and moses basket option.   A modern alternative to the traditional wicker baskets, the Shnuggle moses baskets are hypo-allergenic, much easier to clean and larger in size.  They also come in a range of stylish colours and stand options, offering something to suit everyone. 

Recognising that it is tricky to get the just the right amount of light during the night for night time feeding and changing, we designed Moonlight our portable nightlight.  Moonlight offers the perfect amount of soft lighting that can be easily carried anywhere around the homeIt’s clever charging dock also indicates the room temperature offering much more than just a light.  As baby grows, switch to child mode and Moonlight becomes the perfect night time companion for those late night bathroom trips or comforting bedside light.    

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For the journey.  Every splash, every dream along the way 


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