The baby essentials that will not only make your life easier but will enhance your experience when you bring baby home.


We get asked all the time what are our key baby essentials you will need outside of the travel system, clothes, muslin cloths and feeding equipment.


So here are our top picks!


  • A next to me crib, preferable one that converts to a bigger cot- we are all about sustainability and what is not to like about a space saver too. We have the Shnuggle next to me crib which is now converted into the bigger cot for Lily.



  •  A baby lounger; this will keep baby nice and snug while you get things done. The Snuggle Me lounger gets pulled all over our house!


  • A baby carrier; not only is one of these brilliant for Dad to carry baby on walks. It is also great for giving you hands free time especially if baby is unsettled and they just want to be in mammy’s arms.



  • A baby rocker, Lily loves her Nana leaf. It is energy smart and grows with your baby right up to when they are an average 12 year old! We can't recommend it enough. 



  • A bath and bath stand- Bathing your new born can be very stressful, but we found the Shnuggle bath and bath stand a dream. Not only is it easy on your back but you have complete control over the situation. We love this product!


We hope this is of some benefit to you and if you have any questions on any of the products do not hesitate to ask.


As always thanks for reading.


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